**Long Episode warning** We had a our first guest in studio - Tyler Baum! Tyler is a very smart young man and brought lots of great insight to the show. Oh, did I mention he is our first super fan? He came up with the name of "Threadie." 

Quick recap of things we talked about:

  1. Ben's son made a new friend after Ben encouraged him to hang out with "good kids."

  2. Jason puked in the bushes while waiting for the kids to get on the bus.
  3. Tyler enjoying the holidays with the family.
  4. Ben lost his patience with daughter (again.)
  5. Jason lacking an "attitude of gratitude"
  6. Tyler botched wife's b-day
  7. Lauren Daigle & a lack of discernment among American Christians: Lauren received some hate for being on the Ellen show and answering a question about gay people. Lauren is a Christian singer who is gaining traction in the mainstream music scene.

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